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Will Jan get to be Jan?

Feisty. Straight. Tough. Over the last 24 hours state pollsters and Gov. Jan Brewer supporters have underlined the governor’s advantages as a no-nonsense fighter ready to jump into a campaign and defend her positions.

But for many observers – who have watched the governor avoid the bully pulpit and be swiftly escorted around by staff – the question is whether Brewer’s closest aides and strategists will let her be herself over the next year. “She should be Jan Brewer,” said Cattlemen’s prez and lobbyist Bas Aja, a member of Brewer’s transition team. “I think that there were some people trying to fit her into a suit that didn’t fit. She’s never going to be a great, fluent orator, but she needs to be who she is – a woman of the people.”

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