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Fiscal conservatism and the future of the Republican Party

It doesn’t take a DC insider to know that conservatives are in a battle for the soul for the Republican Party. It is a battle for the future of fiscal responsibility in America. It’s a battle between the George W. Bush wing of the Republican Party and the Reagan/Goldwater conservatism that made our nation the strongest, most prosperous and freest in the world.

Let me be clear: We cannot afford to elect Democrats or Republicans who are friends of big government.

Big government conservatism is no different than big government liberalism. Americans understand that Obama’s 2009 spending spree cannot be sustained. Government cannot create wealth by acting as Santa Claus. Arizona’s economy is unfortunately suffering worse than the national average, and we need serious fiscal and monetary solutions to save both our state and the nation. To do so, we must closely examine any so-called fiscal conservative’s record if we are to right the ship that is the American economy.

Representative Giffords has unfortunately betrayed her promises of fiscal moderation. Her record speaks louder than her rhetoric. By voting for the bailouts, stimulus, the radical Pelosi budget, cap and trade, and the government takeover of health care, Rep. Giffords has raised our taxes, decreased our choices, and taken away our economic and civil freedoms at every turn. When Arizonans in District 8 elect their next congressperson, voters need to make sure that they do not replace her with yet another friend of big government.

There is a growing movement in Arizona and across the nation to reject big-government candidates. Voters are choosing principles over blind party affiliation. Major elections in Florida, New York, Kansas and California are hallmarked by primary battles between fiscal conservatives and friends of big government.

I am a political outsider. I am not a career politician, and my decision to run for Congress is a direct result in seeing what big government control over our pocketbooks and our freedoms has done and will continue to do to our nation. I am a fiscal conservative, and I fundamentally believe that limited government, free enterprise and fiscal and monetary sanity is what is needed most to make this nation great once again.

My belief in fiscal sanity and the free-enterprise system is not a response to a growing political demand for such policies. It is not an artificial posture to gain political approval. It has been and always will be the definition of my candidacy, and it will be the definition of my office, if I were to be honored with your votes.

-Jesse Kelly is a candidate for Congress in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District.


  1. This editorial alone should be enough to garner 65%.

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