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Capitol Quotes 12/11

“I think that this most recent move, this RICO case against members of the judiciary, is maybe his Waterloo.”
- Phoenix attorney Michael C. Manning, on a lawsuit Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have filed against the Board of Supervisors and several judges and attorneys, alleging that they blocked the pair’s investigation into the new Superior Court tower.

“When I get ill, I don’t go to the Maricopa County Medical Center. I go to the Mayo Hospital.” - Rep. John Kavanagh, a Republican from Fountain Hills, explaining Nov. 9 why privatizing state prison operations is a good thing by comparing it to private medical facilities.

“When you are in a legislative arena, taking (an) absolute position in many cases gives you a 100 percent of nothing.” - Senate President Bob Burns, explaining his decision to dissolve a committee chaired by Sen. Ron Gould.

“But if we are going to do bills, then I’m doing bills and this is one of mine.” - Sen. Jim Waring, who has introduced a bill to exempt handicapped veterans and family members of deceased military members from paying fees for custom license plates.

“Mr. Harper is apparently asleep at the wheel. I ask Sen. Harper to find an award of punitive damages ever entered against a teacher or a school district, because it hasn’t happened.” - Tom Ryan, vice president of the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association, on Sen. Jack Harper’s proposals to limit lawsuits against educators and other suits seeking punitive damages.

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