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UpClose with Harold ‘Hal’ Fish (access required)

Five-and-a-half years ago, Harold "Hal" Fish shot and killed a man while hiking in northern Arizona. The event launched a change in the state's self-defense laws, drew national attention and made him a martyr among fervent supporters of the Second Amendment.

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  1. Thank you for this website and information on Mr. Hal Fish.

    Mr. Fish has suffered great injustice, and was made to lose over 3 years in prison unjustly and many rights he so well deserves.

    I believe the AZ legal system (especially the prosecuting attorneys and courts) have the duty and morale obligation to apologize for their misconducts and compensate Mr. Fish for his loss. This is my opinion.

    I don’t believe Mr. Fish has been served American justice, and if it was (to the eyes of the prosecutors), then we as Americans have much to do to change the legal system (in AZ or other states). I am a medical doctor with additional credentials (masters degree and experience) in Public Health.

    I have followed this case since it was aired on MSNBC in 10/2006, and have been supporting Mr. Fish via his defense website and email. All my best to him and his family.

    Gina Sheedy, MD, MPH

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