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Hayworth compares Grant Woods to bacterial algae

J.D. Hayworth yesterday took to the airwaves to pummel Grant Woods for filing a complaint with the FEC against the talk show host and potential Senate candidate. Woods alleged Hayworth is pulling in $540,000 a week in corporate in-kind contributions from KFYI/Clear Channel for using his show as a campaign platform.

The response came in true talk show form as Hayworth called Woods an “ambulance chaser” who cashed in on a tobacco settlement lawsuit that was sold as a public health measure. “You’re even lower than some bacterial forms of algae, and that’s saying something,” Hayworth said, before chiding Woods and the McCain camp for “leaking” a GOP push poll to the Republic that showed the Senate maverick enjoyed a 20-point lead over J.D. Last month, Rasmussen polling showed the pair in almost a dead heat.

Yet, Hayworth dared the Woods-McCain tandem to release their own internal polling. “What are you guys afraid of?” asked Hayworth, who has yet to declare his candidacy.

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