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Capitol Quotes 12/18

“Ron Gould has the right ideas. He thinks right. He has the right mindset, but he won’t negotiate.” - Senate Majority Whip Steve Pierce, in defense of Senate President Bob Burns’ decision to abolish Senator Gould’s Retirement and Rural Development Committee.

“Clearly you can vote your conscience and not be subject to punishment,” - Sen. Jim Waring, making the point that he, too, voted against the sales tax referral but wasn’t “punished” for it.

“If the state were for sale, Carl Ichan would buy it, cash out the retirement system and sell off the parts.” - Lobbyist Kevin DeMenna, comparing the state’s fiscal well-being to a struggling company.

“Good luck in getting any lawmaker to talk to you about any piece of legislation for 2010.” - Lobbyist Lee Miller, explaining how the budget will dominate the upcoming regular legislative session.

“The Republican debate is going to be who’s the best candidate to beat Terry Goddard?” - Shane Wikfors, on the GOP gubernatorial primary.

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