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The prowl of the ‘Velvet Tigress’ (access required)

Leading up to Halloween in 1939, Phoenix was enthralled with the first of several escapes by a female prisoner newspapers delighted in describing as the "Trunk Murderess," "Tiger Woman," "Blond Tigress," "Velvet Tigress" and "Mad Killer."

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Capitol Quotes 12/25 (access required)

"It appears to be a flagrant abuse of power." - Felecia Rotellini, Democrat candidate for attorney general, on Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas' decision to file a federal lawsuit that alleges several county judges have conspired to thwart his investigations.

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The Pulse: Political predictions nutty as a fruitcake (access required)

I have a prediction for the New Year: Pretty much everyone's predictions for the New Year will be wrong. It's a bold position I'm taking, but after much thought I've come to the conclusion that I have about as much insight into the future of Arizona politics as Janeane Garofalo has about international relations. And just like that doesn't stop Garofalo from mouthing off - it doesn't stop us either.

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Crump out of AG race (access required)

Rep. Sam Crump announced that he will not run for attorney general in 2010, opting instead to seek reelection to the state House of Representatives.

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