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Munger campaign boasts $200,000 in fundraising

When Republican gubernatorial hopeful John Munger files his first campaign finance report of the election cycle it will show a war chest of more than $200,000 in donations, according to a campaign spokesman.

Munger spokesman Jerry Cobb said the former Arizona Republican Party chairman, who launched his campaign in early October, will file his first finance report on Monday, Jan. 25. Cobb said the campaign had raised more since the Dec. 31 reporting cut-off.

In a press statement, the campaign boasted that Munger had raised more money than all of the other Republican gubernatorial candidates combined, though two of the three are running publicly funded campaigns that do not allow them to raise more than $51,000 in seed money.

“These numbers also validate my decision to run a traditional campaign and raise funds by building a broad base of support instead of relying on taxpayer money at a time when our state can least afford it,” Munger said in a media statement.

Munger’s fundraising fell far short of the campaign money available to businessman Owen “Buz” Mills, who recently donated $2 million to his own campaign. Munger has no plans to self-fund, Cobb said, and he has only donated $840 to his campaign. The rest was donated by supporters, Cobb said.

“He’s trying to do it the old-fashioned way, by earning it,” Cobb said, echoing an old commercial slogan by the brokerage house Smith Barney.

Munger is an outspoken critic of Arizona’s Clean Elections system and has criticized incumbent Gov. Jan Brewer and state Treasurer Dean Martin for running publicly funded gubernatorial campaigns.

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