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Governors ‘hate’ bills but sign them anyway

Lawmakers are not the only ones who are prone to explain why they didn’t like a bill but approve it anyway.

Governors do it as well, and no legislation is too big or too small for an explanation. Call it the “I hate this bill and I sign it” letter.

In 2007, Gov. Janet Napolitano signed the employer sanctions measure even though it had “infirmities” that she said needed to be fixed before the law took effect.

Recently, Gov. Jan Brewer approved a bill requiring the transfer of money for custodial services from the Department of Administration to agencies for the purpose of hiring former state employees. But she said she was concerned about the administrative difficulties of implementing the measure.

“I have seriously considered vetoing this legislation since it seeks to undo one of the many painful steps taken following the FY09 budget cutting process,” she said before signing the bill.

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