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Scutari and Cieslak open PR firm

After years at The Arizona Republic and Moses Anshell, Chip Scutari and David Cieslak are ready to strike out on their own.The longtime colleagues earlier this month left Moses Anshell and founded their own firm, Scutari & Cieslak. Since then, the two haven’t even had time to find an office or get their Web site up and running, they said, but they’ve already brought in a couple clients.

“We’ve been so busy that … some of the logistical stuff had to be pushed back,” Cieslak said.

Scutari & Cieslak is handling public relations for Korean Air, which is assisting South Korea’s bid to land the 2018 Winter Olympics, and the Arizona Council of Human Service Providers, an advocacy organization dedicated to issues such as behavioral health, child welfare, juvenile justice and substance abuse treatment. Scutari and Cieslak said they’re also working on several joint projects with the firm FirstStrategic.

Though they’ve spent years in the political arena, Scutari and Cieslak said they haven’t yet decided whether their firm will handle political campaigns.

“We’re going to be very judicious about what campaigns we take on, especially candidate campaigns … because Dave is an Obama Democrat, and I’m a Reagan Republican,” Scutari said.

Both consultants wrote for The Arizona Republic before entering the world of public relations. Scutari left the newspaper and spent three years at Moses Anshell. Cieslak worked for the city of Scottsdale and went on to spend two-and-a-half years with Moses Anshell, taking a sabbatical of several months in 2008 to head then-Sen. Barack Obama’s Arizona campaign office.

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