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Grover throws hard, inside at Cactus League deal

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist probably won’t be getting free spring training tickets, at least not for any Cubs games.

He threw out his thoughts on McComish’s proposed increase in rental car taxes to help keep the Cubs in town as he wrote a letter last week to remind lawmakers their no-tax pledge demands they vote no on the measure. “Make no mistake; this tax increase will be paid primarily by Arizona residents,” he wrote.

Just how far Norquist’s influence will carry is yet to be seen, but he’s wrangled 35 percent of the House members and 30 percent of the Senate into signing his famous no-tax pledge. McComish, who did not sign the pledge, didn’t seem too impressed with Grover’s power. He said he hadn’t seen or heard of the letter. “Grover has his opinion,” but “if the bill stays as it is, I don’t think he’ll have much influence,” McComish said. “I think our members care more about the impact on the Cactus League than Grover’s opinion.”

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