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Capitol Quotes 3/19/2010

“I’m even a fan of racinos.” – Rep. Michele Reagan, a Republican from Scottsdale, speaking on the floor March 17 about how she doesn’t oppose gambling in the state.

“The Bible tells us not to charge usury when you loan money to people. Essentially these people are taking advantage of people.” – Sen. Ron Gould, a Republican from Lake Havasu City, explaining why he voted against a bill that would’ve allowed the payday loan industry to stay in business.

“We’ve got a buyer on our western border that will buy all we can get because there’s so many little critters over that they can’t build anything.” – Gubernatorial candidate Owen “Buz” Mills, commenting on his proposal to build more nuclear power plants and sell the energy to California.

“I agree with everything Mr. Patterson said, until he started talking.” – Rep. Jerry Weiers, a Republican from Glendale, speaking on the House floor March 15 and responding to Rep. Daniel Patterson’s criticism of one of Weiers’ bills.

“Is it more important for us to codify our values or is it more important for children to have homes?” – Ron Adelson, CEO of an adoption agency.

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