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Rios expected to move up as leader of Senate Democrats

The overall race for Senate minority leadership positions is more stable than potential contests among Republicans.

Sen. Rebecca Rios, an Apache Junction Democrat and the assistant minority leader, will likely succeed Sen. Jorge Garcia, the Democratic leader who is termed-out and is running for the Corporation Commission.

“I would like to be leader, but clearly it’s going to be up to the composition of the next caucus. If they want me to serve in that role, I’d be more than happy,” Rios said.

Rios has served as minority whip and is the daughter of former longtime lawmaker Pete Rios.
A social worker by background, the senator often represents the positions of the minority caucus during floor debates. She supports bills promoting gun rights.

Sen. Linda Lopez, the minority whip from Tucson, is also expected to move one step up and become the assistant minority leader, Rios’ current position.

Sen. Leah Landrum Taylor, a Democrat from Phoenix, told Arizona Capitol Times she is eyeing the minority whip position.

Meanwhile, House Minority Whip Kyrsten Sinema said she hasn’t made up her mind whether to make a run for a leadership post in the Senate.

“Right now I’m focused on getting through my primary and general elections and making it to the Senate,” she said.

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