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House Reporter, Jim Small discusses the effects of a sweeping immigration bill

Arizona Capitol Times House Reporter Jim Small appeared on ABC15 Daybreak to discuss how a sweeping immigration bill would change the way local governments enforce immigration law. He also discussed the likelihood that Gov. Jan Brewer will sign the bill.



  1. I am so happy that AZ passed the sweeping immigration bill.
    I am an immigrat, but it took me 6 years to wait for my wife get
    visa to reunion with me. Can you imagin we only stayed less than 6 months
    during these 6 years? Finally she was here, but we missed the golden time
    to have babies. We could have baby now, but we both are older and the
    chancesto get a problem baby are high.
    But think about the illegal immigrates, they came here, having babis, and taking advtange of government, I knew lots of Latinos ( some of them are non
    latinos) they sitting at home (the couples) and have 3 or more babies, watching TV, plus, they have time but do not care aoubt kids’ eduction.
    Now they protest saying “e just want to work” yes, you have no problem for just want to work, but you got to know you broken the law already.
    if they do not get punishment, in stead, they are rewarded. then I really
    feel regret that I follow the law to wait for 6 years to bring my wife here. I should pay to let her corss the board then being here 4 years earlier.
    This contury is out of track! Thanks AZ governer! I support you!

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