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Under the spotlight

The national outcry against S1070 has surprised both backers and opponents of the tough illegal-immigration measure. USA Today opined the bill as the “ugliest” bad solution to illegal immigration, while Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” called the state the “meth lab of democracy.”

Calls for economic boycotts are now widespread and are being proposed by cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Rep. Jack Brown, the state’s longest serving legislator, told our reporter he was surprised by the extent of the reactions. Some vocal criticism was to be expected, he said, adding that he and others have come to the obvious conclusion that S1070 could pave the way for racial profiling.

“If they’re (Latinos) riding down the road and a cop hasn’t done much that day, who do you think they’ll stop, them or me?” said Brown, who opposed the measure. Still, the calls for boycotts are overkill, he said.

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