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Immigrant groups plan White House protest

Immigrant groups from across the U.S. are planning acts of civil disobedience at the White House to demand immigration reform and protest a new anti-illegal immigration law in Arizona that they fear will lead to racial profiling.

Officials with immigrant advocacy group CASA de Maryland said Thursday that dozens of immigrant group leaders and relatives of undocumented immigrants plan to risk arrest Saturday during the Washington protest. CASA’s director of political action, Kim Propeack, says they’ll rally at the White House fence and will ignore police requests to move.

She adds that thousands more protesters from a coalition of labor and social justice groups are expected to attend the rally to demand President Barack Obama halt deportations until Congress passes comprehensive immigration reform.

Other rallies supporting immigration reform will be held Saturday in cities around the country.

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  1. What about American’s rights? When do we have rights? We have a right to say that we do not want freeloading burdens any longer. One billion dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens–lawbreakers. Too many people do things the legal way to allow lawbreakers to stay.

    Racial profiling is when a race is being targeted– illegal is not a race– its a status. I do not believe that Mexican Americans should be targeted, but being that Mexico is on our border and there well into the millions upon millions of illegals here that have 7 million jobs that are ours, we need to target illegals that are no longer sustainable. I know many Mexican Americas that are for shipping out illegals because they feel it infringes on their rights as Americans.

    I am an American; I am not a race. I have the right to say that I do not want anymore of my tax dollars going to sustain illegal aliens.

    If an illegal wants to do things the right want then they will enter into legal status and I am fine with them being her and contributing to our better welfare as a whole.


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