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Tibshraeny seeks return to Chandler mayor’s post

Jay Tibshraeny, who is finishing his last term as a senator, is running for mayor of Chandler.

The announcement did not come as a surprise. Tibshraeny is a former mayor of the city and has been long speculated to try and return to his former post.

He told the Arizona Capitol Times he actually made the decision to run for mayor about 10 months ago, but he chose not to announce it.

“I wanted to focus on the work at the Legislature and not get caught up in campaigning,” he said.

Tibshraeny said he turned over more than 2,000 signatures on April 30 to qualify for the ballot. He needs about 850 signatures.

Tibshraeny served as Chandler mayor from 1994 to 2002. Before that, he was the city’s vice-mayor; he also served as a city councilman.

In the last few years, the senator has focused much of his energy on legislation to try and address the housing slump.

He successfully fought for a measure two years ago to license loan originators in an effort to combat mortgage fraud. Then-former governor Janet Napolitano signed it.


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