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Capitol Quotes: May 14, 2010

“The sheer hypocrisy was so overwhelming.” — Attorney General Terry Goddard, on Proposition 100 supporters who pushed for corporate tax cuts as well.

“Nearly a half million Arizona voters made up their mind and voted on Prop. 100 before Terry Goddard. Leadership you can count on!” — Tweet from Gov. Jan Brewer after Goddard announced his support for Prop. 100.

“If they don’t have a product that the voters want to vote ‘yes’ on, if the dogs won’t eat the food, then they’re wasting their money.” — Farrell Quinlan, a lobbyist for the National Federation of Independent Business, comparing Prop. 100 to an old advertising industry story about a failed dog food campaign.

“I likened it to getting a video game when you were a kid. You try so hard on the first level, only to get to the end and die at the super-human monster. That was Brewer.” — Rep. Ed Ableser, a Democrat from Tempe, talking to a reporter May 12 about Gov. Jan Brewer’s decision to veto a bill he sponsored, H2462, which would have regulated private property trespass towing

“It’s time for you to end his fairy tales.” — Citizens Clean Elections Commission attorney Jose Rivera, telling Judge Crane McClennen to reject an appeal by Rep. Doug Quelland in a May 10 hearing. Quelland, a Phoenix Republican, has been ordered from office by the Clean Elections Commission for illegally hiring a campaign consultant.

‘Her sole accomplishment was signing somebody else’s bill.’ — Dean Martin, commenting on Gov. Jan Brewer’s boost in the polls from the new immigration law.

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