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Immigration initiative campaign under new management

A fledging campaign to put an initiative measure on Arizona’s ballot to repeal the state’s new illegal immigration law remains alive but under new management.

A Roman Catholic priest in Phoenix has stepped away from leading the “Compassion for all” campaign, and several volunteers now heading the effort acknowledge they face a tough climb.

They say as of Monday they’ve collected “a few thousands” of the 153,365 voter signatures required by July 1 to put the initiative on the ballot.

The organizers express optimism, saying they’re reaching out to other activists and organizations for help.

The proposal would repeal the law taking effect July 29 and impose a three-year moratorium to bar the Legislature from enacting similar legislation.

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  1. May 13,2010
    Three UCSD professors say Arizona law is constitutional
    Arizona’s controversial new immigration law probably would withstand legal challenges on constitutional grounds, according to a panel of three UC San Diego law professors.
    However, the professors said the law could create problems, such as racial profiling, if it is not implemented properly…
    Those groups [MALDEF, et al] say the Arizona law also violates the U.S. Constitution by interfering with federal immigration power and authority.
    Professor Lawrence Alexander, who teaches constitutional law at UCSD, said that argument would fail because the Arizona law does not conflict with federal immigration law. The state law is only seeking to enforce the federal law, he said.
    “I don’t see anything in this law that is going to fail a challenge on the grounds of federal supremacy,” Alexander said.

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