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Police board to distribute immigration training video by June 29

The state board charged with educating police agencies on how to enforce Arizona’s strict new immigration law will distribute a training video by June 29, a month before the law goes into effect.

The Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board has finished filming the training video that will offer guidelines for the enforcement of S1070, a step that immigration enforcement experts say is even more crucial than the crafting of the law itself, since the guidelines will offer definition for how the law will be executed at the street level.

Lyle Mann, the group’s director, said he plans to initially order 1,000 copies of the video for distribution to police agencies and the public.

Once the video is distributed, a statewide database will track whether individual officers have completed the training, although it will not be mandatory.

The new law, which will go into effect on July 29, has drawn wide criticism from civil rights groups around the country, over claims that it will lead to racial profiling and a degradation of the rights of Hispanic U.S. citizens.

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