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Goddard campaign manager out

Attorney General Terry Goddard announced that campaign manager Rodd McLeod is leaving his gubernatorial campaign.

McLeod, who joined Goddard’s campaign in January, said he expected to leave when his firm’s contract with the campaign ended on June 30. He said the move was not prompted by any disagreements with Goddard or the campaign.

“It’s been a great honor to work with the attorney general and be part of this campaign,” McLeod said. “I think we’re positioned to do very well in November, particularly when you look at the rough primary on the other side and the infrastructure we have been able to build.”

Goddard is the only Democrat in the governor’s race. He’ll face the winner of a Republican primary between Gov. Jan Brewer and challengers Dean Martin, Buz Mills and Matthew Jette.

Goddard announced several additions to his campaign team in a press release but did not say who McLeod’s successor would be.

“As the campaign’s contract with MSHC (Partners Inc., McLeod’s firm,) ends and McLeod returns to fulfill commitments to other clients, he leaves a strong infrastructure for the next stage of the campaign,” campaign spokeswoman Janey Pearl said in a press release. “McLeod continues to manage during the transition. Goddard for Governor will have other announcements in the coming weeks.”

The campaign announced the addition of political director Aaron Marquez and Southern Arizona director Catherine Nichols. The campaign also hired consulting firm Strother Strategies for media consulting and the firm WebStrong Group for new media and social networking.

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