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Chamber endorses 44 Republicans, 8 Democrats

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry on June 22 released its candidate endorsements for the state House and Senate.

The business group endorsed 52 candidates – 17 Senate and 35 House candidates – who they said share the Chamber’s “pro-business, free-market agenda.”

The list includes business stalwarts such as House Speaker Kirk Adams, who last session unsuccessfully pushed H2250, known among supporters as the “jobs bill,” which would have affected a raft of corporate tax cuts, as well as economic development incentives.

Republicans grabbed 44 endorsements, while Democrats got eight.

Incumbent legislative candidates made the cut based on their voting records as it relates to the chamber policy agenda and a commitment to growing and attracting business in the state. Challengers earned the endorsements by answering a questionnaire and participating in an interview with the group’s public affairs committee.

The business community held a fundraiser earlier this month for 12 legislative candidates, which raised more than $230,000, according to organizers who spoke with the Yellow Sheet Report.

Justin Johnson, a Democrat running against Linda Gray for Senate in Legislative District 10, was the only candidate who participated in the fundraiser and was left off the Arizona Chamber’s endorsement list.

The primary election is Aug. 24; the general is Nov. 2.

Here’s a full listing of Chamber-endorsed candidates:

State Senate
District 1: Sen. Steve Pierce – R
District 4: Scott Bundgaard – R
District 5: Rep. Bill Konopnicki – R
District 7: Rep. Nancy Barto – R
District 8: Rep. Michele Reagan – R
District 9: Rep. Rick Murphy – R
District 11: Rep. Adam Driggs – R
District 12: Sen. John Nelson – R
District 14: Rep. Robert Meza – D
District 17: Wendy Rogers – R
District 19: Rep. Rich Crandall – R
District 20: Rep. John McComish – R
District 21: Rep. Steve Yarbrough – R
District 24: Sen. Amanda Aguirre – D
District 25: Gail Griffin – R
District 26: Sen. Al Melvin – R
District 30: Sen. Frank Antenori – R

State House
District 1: Rep. Andy Tobin – R, Karen Fann – R
District 3: Rep. Nancy McLain – R, Rep. Doris Goodale – R
District 4: Sen. Jack Harper – R, Rep. Judy Burges – R
District 6: John Kowalski – R, Amanda Reeve – R
District 7: Michael Coskun – R, Kristen Burroughs – R
District 8: Rep. John Kavanagh – R, Eric Ulis – R
District 9: Rep. Debbie Lesko – R
District 10: Kimberly Yee – R, Rep. Jim Weiers – R
District 11: Rep. Eric Meyer – D, Shawnna Bolick – R, Kate Brophy McGee – R
District 14: Rep. Chad Campbell – D
District 15: Lela Alston – D
District 16: Rep. Cloves Campbell, Jr. – D
District 18: Rep. Cecil Ash – R, Rep. Steve Court – R
District 19; Rep. Kirk Adams – R, Scott Perkinson – R
District 20: Bob Robson -R, Christopher Tolino -R
District 21: J.D. Mesnard – R
District 23: Rep. Barbara McGuire – D, Rep. Frank Pratt – R
District 24: Rep. Russ Jones – R
District 25: Ruben Ortega – D
District 26: Vic Williams – R
District 30: Ted Vogt – R, Doug Sposito – R

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