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Rasmussen: McCain no longer ‘potentially vulnerable’ (access required)

With the GOP primary just a month away, U.S. Sen. John McCain is pulling further away from rival J.D. Hayworth, and Rasmussen Reports is no longer listing the incumbent senator as vulnerable to an upset from his conservative challenger.


  1. JD sealed the deal for voters. We have all been educated on the failures and the shortcomings of JD Hayworth and any informed voter would understand why we cannot allow JD back in Congress. JD falls short on the ethics and morals quality and embodies that with lies, deception and hypocrisy. There is nothing truly conservative about this guy except for a few words he spews out sometimes, words with nothing to back them with…

  2. The old RINO threw the election and lied about never supporting amnesty.
    Are AZ people crazy???

  3. Was this ever truly a race? I don’t think so.

  4. Thats because Hayworths numbers were inflated to begin with. He has a following of lunatics that were good at lying just like the man himself.

  5. JD was named to the top ten most crooked candidates list just in the last few days. Great timing thanks to all who worked on that list.

  6. Hayworth will soon be out of the public spotlight for good.


  7. The problem with comparing McCain to Arlen spector is that McCain did not waste the time of his seat chasing after the sports world like spector did. Thats why he was voted out people were sick of him trying to use his power to help the eagles.

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