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Molina quits District 19 Senate race, leaves Crandall as likely winner

A Mesa Republican has dropped out of the Senate race in Legislative District 19.

James Molina, whose campaign raised $22,152 and spent $17,106, said he had to quit the race July 27 in order to give his full attention to his construction business, which has undergone a major transition.

“It’s all hands on deck,” Molina said.

Molina said he’s extremely disappointed to have to drop out. When he entered the race in January, he had more flexibility in his schedule to campaign and serve if he was elected, but that has changed under the new structure of his business.

He is part owner of a framing and plumbing company, but with the economy tanking, he and his partners have had to concentrate on selling and installing solar cells, he said.

Molina’s departure leaves Rich Crandall as the lone Republican. His competition in the general election will be write-in candidate William Munsil, a Libertarian.
Crandall has served in the House since 2007.

Sen. Chuck Gray, who occupies the senate seat, has decided not to run again despite eligibility to run once more before reaching his term limit.

District 19 covers east Mesa.

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