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Clean Elections Commission rejects complaint against Williams

The Citizens Clean Elections Commission declined to discipline Democratic superintendent candidate Jason Williams over allegations that he raised more money from family members than allowed under campaign finance rules.

Commission Executive Director Todd Lang said the commission found that Williams had violated Clean Elections rules, but that the violation was so minor and was rectified so quickly that is did not merit disciplinary action.

“They found it and they fixed it before the complaint was filed,” Lang said of the violation. “Basically the finding was there was nothing amiss.”

The complaint, filed by a supporter of Penny Kotterman, Williams’ opponent in the Democratic primary, alleged that Williams exceeded the $1,280 limit on personal and family contributions that Clean Elections candidates must abide by.

According to report from Lang, Williams filed a campaign finance report in January showing that he had raised $1,541, but returned $274 the next day after Clean Elections Commission staff notifed him that he had exceeded the limit. The commission subsequently certified Williams as a Clean Elections candidate.

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