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Capitol Quotes: August 20, 2010

“He might as well join the Obama administration. They don’t pay their taxes either.” – Sen. Barbara Leff, on GOP primary opponent Doug Ducey, who did not pay his 2008 and 2009 property taxes until May of this year and had a $15,000 lien against his Paradise Valley home.

“I’m probably one of the few people on this floor who had a grandfather beat up both by union thugs and management thugs.” – Sen. Ron Gould, a Lake Havasu City Republican, saying a secret ballot would protect a worker from intimidation from both sides

“I wish I could say that these three days are productive.” – Sen. Ken Cheuvront, a Democrat from Phoenix, on the special session that tackled the secret ballot for union elections.

“My colleagues here keep thinking that Arizona is our own little country, that we can pass laws that don’t take into account what federal law says.” – Senate Assistant Minority Leader Rebecca Rios on the special session.

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