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Kelly plays defense on Social Security (access required)

After weeks of being hammered on his position on Social Security, Republican challenger Jesse Kelly countered the criticism in a television ad to be aired this week in Arizona's 8th Congressional District. In the ad, Kelly said U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the incumbent Democrat, is "distorting" his Social Security plan in order to distract voters from ...


  1. Finally, someone tells the truth about social security and medicare being unsustainable debt to the country and he is villified by the woman who put this country in $1.4 trillion in debt in 18 months with entitlements. Giffords calls herself a “Blue Dog Democrat” but she has NEVER voted against a spending bill since she got to DC. Time to retire the Pelosi clone and give the Constitution Conservative Jesse Kelly a chance to right this ship before Giffords commits one more violation of generaltional theft.

  2. Thrasher… Giffords invited him to D.C. a couple of times and he became her lap dog. She’s decent looking and soft-spoken, and probably doesn’t cow-kick like most of his clients. …But as far as his claim that she’s been much of an advocate for border security…I can only surmise that Doc Thrasher must be smoking cow patties, because it’s only now, during an election year that she’s even noticed there is a severe problem in her district.

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