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Cities urge court to uphold ruling on Arizona law

Several Arizona cities are urging the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold a judge’s order blocking implementation of key provisions of the state’s law targeting illegal immigration.

A brief filed by Tucson says the law threatened to place the city in a position where it couldn’t comply with state law, federal law and the Constitution at the same time, potentially putting it at risk of fines imposed under the state law.

The cities of Flagstaff, Tolleson and San Luis filed a separate brief that argues that the Legislature’s attempt to pass a law on immigration is unconstitutional.

Gov. Jan Brewer is asking the appeals court to life U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton’s order and allow the law to take effect.

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  1. You all need to read “ILLEGALS: the unacceptable cost of America’s Failure to Control its Borders” by Darrell Ankarlo. It will open you eyes to exactly how much these illegals are really costing all of us.

  2. When are alll the politicians, attorneys, judges and other ill-informed persons going to read the CONSTITUTION !!! The ONLY court that has any jurisdiction over this type of legal action (U.S. vs ANY STATE ) is the SUPREME COURT of the UNITED STATES ………….. no other court can decide any legal action in this scenario. Read it, don’t trample on it. Just a thought

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