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CD3 Fundraising: Quayle outpaces Hulburd

Republican Ben Quayle dwarfed his Democratic opponent in fundraising during the latest reporting period, but Jon Hulburd is nearly even with him in cash on hand.

Quayle spokesman Jay Heiler said the GOP candidate’s fundraising report to the Federal Election Commission would show about $588,000 raised between Aug. 5 and Sept. 30. Hulburd’s FEC report showed about $231,000 raised during that period.

But as the two enter their final weeks in the battle for Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, Hulburd is about even with Quayle in cash on hand. Hulburd reported about $412,000 in cash on hand, while Heiler said Quayle still had about $452,000.

“Jon is proud to raised more than $1 million in this race and he’s humbled by the amount of support he’s received in Arizona,” Hulburd spokesman Josh Abner said. “We have right about the same amount in cash on hand. I think we’ll have every resource we need to get our message out between now and Nov. 2.”

Heiler said Quayle’s cash on hand numbers were impressive considering the bruising, 10-way primary he fought through. Hulburd ran unopposed for the Democratic nomination and was able to conserve much of his campaign cash for the general election.

“We were at a big disadvantage in this race, coming out of a fractured, contentious primary, while the opponent was sitting still and spending very little,” Heiler said. “But I feel like we’ve done a lot to overcome that circumstance.”

Campaign Finance Update (Aug. 5 – Sept. 30 reporting period)

Jon Hulburd
Raised: $231,704
Spent: $247,403
Cash on hand: $412,001

Ben Quayle
Raised: $580,983
Spent: $560,994
Cash on hand: $453,716

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