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Gould appointed Judiciary Chair

Sen. Ron Gould

Sen. Ron Gould

Sen. Ron Gould, a conservative Republican from Lake Havasu City, said he would be chairing the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Gould initially eyed the Rules Committee, one of the most powerful positions in the Legislature.

But incoming Senate President Russell Pearce decided to appoint him to the Judiciary Committee, Gould said.

“He said he was getting too much push back from the other members of the caucus,” Gould said.

“I would assume that there are members of the caucus that don’t want me to (become) Rules chairman because they they’re afraid I would hold their bad bills,” he added.

Pearce did not indicate who he would appoint as Rules Committee chairman, Gould said.

Every bill must get the approval of the Rules Committee before it can move to the floor for a debate and a vote. Consequently, the committee is considered second only to the office the Senate President in terms of influence.

It’s not unusual for the Senate president to choose to become Rules chairman, as well.

As chairman of Judiciary, Gould said he would focus on election-related matters.

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