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Hoffman, longtime Rules attorney, leaves to join League

Longtime Senate Rules attorney Joni Hoffman is leaving the Legislature to become the in-house counsel for the League of Arizona Cities and Towns.

Hoffman, the Senate’s Rules attorney since 1997, is one of three new staff members who will be joining the municipalities’ lobbying arm.

Also joining the League are Jim Ogsbury, who will be the group’s legislative director for the upcoming session, and Rene Guillen, Jr.

Ogsbury ran in the 2008 Republican primary in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District. Guillen is a research analyst with the House.

Hoffman has been around the Capitol community for 25 years. She worked for the Legislative Council in 1985, then lobbied for Blue Cross, and came back to the Senate in 1989 as a staff member advising committees.

“I had actually been thinking about it for a few years,” Hoffman said. “And when I looked at the roster of new members, I realized I really only knew nine of them.

“And I just thought it might be time to try something new,” she added.

Hoffman said she was offered the League job Nov. 12. She starts Dec. 13.

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