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McComish calls Senate committee assignments ‘unfair’

Sen. John McComish (File photo)

Sen. John McComish (File photo)

Sen. John McComish said he’s got a lot more to offer the Senate than he will be allowed to contribute next year, based on his assessment of the committee assignments that were announced earlier this week.

While some Republicans will have heavy workloads next year, McComish, a veteran at the Capitol, was assigned to only two committees. He thinks he should have been seated on more.

“It’s unfair to the voters and I think it’s unfair to the state of Arizona, and it’s unfair to the people on both ends of that spectrum,” McComish said.

McComish, who was unopposed in his campaign for the Senate this year, will chair the Banking and Insurance committee and serve on the Economic Development and Jobs Creation panel.

But other members such as Senators Ron Gould of Lake Havasu, Sylvia Allen of Snowflake and Gail Griffin of Hereford each have been assigned to five committees. All three are chairing a committee, as well.

And Senator-elect Andy Biggs will head the influential Appropriations Committee. At the same time, Biggs has been appointed as vice-chair of two other committees.

McComish said Biggs’ load is far heavier than other veteran lawmakers.

“It seems like an unusually heavy load, despite the fact that he’s capable, especially when some others don’t have a heavy load at all,” McComish said.

McComish said he wrote an e-mail to incoming Senate President Russell Pearce, who made the assignments, to express his concerns.

The Arizona Capitol Times tried but failed to reach incoming Senate President Russell Pearce, who drew up the committee assignments.

McComish ran unsuccessfully against Pearce for Senate president earlier this month.

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