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Education bills filed in legislature

Of the 841 bills filed by lawmakers as of 5 p.m. Jan. 26, more than 10 percent deal in some way with education-related issues. A total of 97 education bills have been filed in the two chambers. For a listing and status of all the bills filed so far in the First Regular Session of the 50th Legislature, see our bill summaries in Section B. Bill titles courtesy of Arizona Capitol Reports.

House Bills: 65
HB 2001 Community Colleges; Universities; Concealed Weapons
HB 2002 School District Monies; Associations; Elections
HB 2016 JLBC; JCCR; Reports
HB 2018 Tech Correction; College Districts; Requirements
HB 2019 Tech Correction; Regents; Officers
HB 2020 Tech Correction; Student Status Guidelines
HB 2021 Tech Correction; Community Colleges; Bonds
HB 2022 Tech Correction; Licensing; Patent; Income
HB 2033 Tech Correction; Night Schools
HB 2034 Tech Correction; School District Boards
HB 2035 Tech Correction; Common School Districts
HB 2036 Tech Correction; Education; Federal Funds
HB 2037 Tech Correction; School Safety Clearinghouse
HB 2042 Tech Correction; College Savings Plan
HB 2045 Tech Correction; School District Boards
HB 2046 Tech Correction; Education; Federal Funds
HB 2047 Tech Correction; Regents; Officers
HB 2087 Tech Correction; Common School Districts
HB 2088 Tech Correction; Night Schools
HB 2170 Tech Correction; Joint School Districts
HB 2171 Tech Correction; Environmental Education
HB 2177 Schools; 180 Days; Conforming Changes
HB 2178 School Year; 180 Days
HB 2179 Schools; Students of Noncitizens; Costs
HB 2180 Schools; Sais Data; Penalty
HB 2182 School Employees; Contract Offers; Date
HB 2183 Schools; Prop 301 Monies; Supplanting; Restoration
HB 2197 Charter Schools; Age Restricted Communities
HB 2211 Tech Correction; Schools; Early Voting
HB 2214 Tech Correction; Textbook Purchase
HB 2217 School Superintendents; Contracts
HB 2218 Universities; Postbaccalaureate Students
HB 2219 School Districts; Consolidation; Textbooks
HB 2226 School; Performance Pay; Distribution
HB 2234 Schools; Persistently Lowest Achieving
HB 2235 Deaf Blind School; Instructional Improvement Fund
HB 2237 JTEDs; Adm; Student Count
HB 2246 Tech Correction; Education; Meetings
HB 2247 Tech Correction; Exchange Teachers
HB 2248 Tech Correction; Private Schools
HB 2251 Schools; 8th grade Promotion Certificates
HB 2277 Community Colleges; Baccalaureate Degrees
HB 2301 Schools; Instructional Salaries; Soft Capital
HB 2337 Schools; All-Day Kindergarten Funding
HB 2342 Equalization Assistance Tax; Approp Monies
HB 2343 Schools; Student Count; Growth; Current Year
HB 2344 Schools; JTEDs; Group B Weight
HB 2385 Schools; Athletics; Head Injury Policies
HB 2386 School District Fund Balances; Reporting
HB 2387 School Districts; Ending Cash Balances
HB 2390 Schools; Current Year Funding
HB 2391 School Districts; Cash Balances
HB 2410 Veterans; Honorably Discharged; In-State Tuition
HB 2415 Schools; Bullying Policies
HB 2417 School Boards; Vocational Education Meeting
HB 2418 Schools; Textbook Study; Academic Standards
HB 2419 Schools; Reading Coaches
HB 2420 Teachers; Literacy Instruction Endorsement
HB 2421 School Districts; Budgets; Financial Reports
HB 2437 Schools; Teachers; Principles; Employment History
HB 2505 Schools; Pupils; Lawful Status; State Aid
HB 2518 Special Districts; Education Authorities
HB 2525 Community Colleges; Expenditure Limitation; Penalties
HB 2528 Schools; ELL Models; Exemption
HB 2540 Teachers; Continuing Ed; Discounted Tuition

Senate Bills: 32
SB 1042 Medical Student Loans; Board; Continuation
SB 1053 License Plates; Special; Character Education
SB 1055 Character Education Grants; Admin Costs
SB 1062 Professional Teaching Standards Board
SB 1063 Schools; Compulsory Attendance; Increase
SB 1064 Schools; American Competitiveness Project Fund
SB 1065 Non-certificated School Employees; Policies
SB 1069 Schools; Technology; Personnel Training
SB 1072 School Boards; Election Cancellation; Certificate
SB 1073 School Board Members; Oath
SB 1074 Community College Boards; Membership
SB 1098 School Safety Clearinghouse; Extension
SB 1099 Schools; Legal Opinions; A.G. Deadline
SB 1100 Bonds; Recreational Facilities; School Use
SB 1115 JLBC; JCCR; Reports
SB 1116 Displaced Pupils Choice Grants; Continuation
SB 1123 State Library & Archives Amendments
SB 1152 Home schools; Designation
SB 1172 Energy & Water Savings Accounts
SB 1174 Charter Schools; Age Restricted Communities
SB 1196 Community Colleges; Retirement; Optional Plans
SB 1201 Firearms Omnibus
SB 1205 Schools; Transportation Districts; Dissolution
SB 1209 Schools; District Employees; Salaries; Posting
SB 1213 Community College Districts; Alternative Formation
SB 1223 In-State Tuition; Veterans
SB 1252 Schools; Prohibited Courses; Repeal
SB 1255 Arizona Online Instruction; Graduation Requirements
SB 1256 Education; Omnibus
SB 1257 School District Overexpenditures; State Board
SB 1258 School Finance; Per Pupil Funding
SB 1263 Schools; Administrative Tasks; Reduction

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