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Capitol Quotes: Feb. 4, 2010

“This was right around when the Beatles came out.” — Former U.S. Justice Department attorney Christian Adams, on his belief that the preclearance provision in the Voting Rights Act is outdated.

“I think the governor’s doing the right thing. There aren’t many Democrats who will stand up and say that.” — Democratic attorney Paul Eckstein, on Gov. Jan Brewer’s call for counties and other local jurisdictions to get out from under the preclearance requirement in the Voting Rights Act.

“I’m just surprised it didn’t happen before now.” — Sen. Russell Pearce, on the recall efforts against him.

“We’re looking for solutions, and we’re open to answers. All we’re asking is that those solutions be to a billion-dollar problem, because that’s what this is.” — Matt Benson, the governor’s spokesperson, when pressed about restoring coverage for transplant patients

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