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Capitol Quotes: Feb. 11, 2011

“The Arizona state Legislature is going to be hooked on medical marijuana.” — Rep. Justin Olson, R-Mesa, talking about the dangers of taxing medical pot.

“Other greater legal minds than my own thought this up.” — Sen. Ron Gould, author of the birthright legislation, explaining why the bills weren’t written in a way that directly gets to the question of citizenship of children of illegal aliens.

“If you live in a merit selection county, you have a higher probability of winning the lottery than you do of losing your seat in retention.” — Attorney Ernest Calderon

“In one sentence – been there, done that.”— Rep. John Kavanagh, on a list of suggestions U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius made on how states can save money on their Medicaid programs.

“Does that sound like something we would comment on?” — Brewer spokesman Matthew Benson, when asked to discuss the governor’s negotiations with Senate President Russell Pearce and House Speaker Kirk Adams on an economic recovery package.

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