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Opposition group using robocalls against Coyotes sale

The Goldwater Institute is using the telephone and e-mail to make its case against Glendale’s deal to keep the NHL Phoenix Coyotes.

The Arizona Republic reports automated calls went out Monday night to registered voters across the state who engaged in a live discussion with Goldwater officials on the group’s concerns.

The e-mail asked recipients to visit the group’s web site and contact Glendale City Council members.

A city spokeswoman says the robocall resulted in a few dozen calls to the city, mostly opposed to the deal.

The city wants to sell bonds to pay a Chicago businessman $100 million. In return, Glendale would get the right to charge for parking during Jobing.com Arena events to pay the bond debt.

The city would also pay $97 million over the next five years to manage the arena.

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  1. It’s incredible that more people are not expressing anger over this deal. Pay a guy from Chicago $197 million dollars so he can fulfill his wish of being a player in the ‘elite’ NHL owners group…..

    It’s no wonder Glendale has 3 times the debt of any city of its size…. Not only does Glendale have an insane mayor and council, it appears the taxpayers are somewhat impaired themselves !

  2. Let’s sell these bonds and play hockey

  3. Goldwater is a bunch of greedy republicans looking out for themselves not us tax payees. Get a life and wake up Goldwater institute

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