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Adams reimburses Fiesta Bowl for tickets, travel

House Speaker Kirk Adams (Photo by Bill Coates)

House Speaker Kirk Adams (Photo by Bill Coates)

Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams says he found the allegations in the Fiesta Bowl scandal so disturbing that he reimbursed the bowl for its costs in sending him and his wife to an out-of-state football game.

The speaker says Thursday that he paid the bowl $1,064 for the costs of travel, lodging and tickets to a 2007 BYU-UCLA game in Pasadena, Calif.

“I was mortified about what has been revealed thus far about what was going on at the Fiesta Bowl,” Adams said. “I simply decided that I wanted to return the funds, just plain and simple. I wanted to return every dollar, every dime that they expended on my behalf for that trip.”

A report released last week disclosed a wide array of improper or questionable spending by bowl officials and that numerous lawmakers accepted tickets to sporting events and accepted free trips paid for by the bowl.

Adams, the seventh state lawmaker to reimburse the bowl for gifts they received, said he doesn’t feel like he did anything wrong, except turn in an inaccurate financial disclosure report.

Like several other lawmakers, Adams didn’t originally list his Fiesta Bowl gifts in a financial disclosure report, but filed a corrected report on Thursday that says he received those gifts.

“(The scandal) speaks to the need for legislators to be more careful and more accurate in their annual disclosure statements,” Adams said.

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