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Lawmakers working fast to end session in coming hours


Lawmakers have been meeting all day as they try to churn through the last few pieces of legislation and wrap up legislative business for the year.

The Senate convened at 8:30 today, and the House began work at 9:30. Since then, it’s been a nearly non-stop schedule of floor session, votes, caucus meetings, committee meetings and more votes.

By noon, the House had passed two bills out of the Committee of the Whole and voted on two dozen more. The chamber recessed for conference committees, came back to the floor, then recessed again for caucus and more conference committees.

The Senate has kept a similar schedule, with voting on the floor starting and stopping repeatedly throughout the day as bills moved from chamber to chamber.

GOP leaders in both chambers have said they hope to end the legislative session tonight. Work will continue into the night, but lawmakers seem optimistic this is the final day, and many have made comments about today being the last of the session while explaining their votes on various bills.

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