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Capitol Quotes: May 20, 2011

“If that provision means anything, this provision is unconstitutional.” — ASU law professor Paul Bender, on why a 2009 Supreme Court ruling that school vouchers amounted to direct state aid to private schools, and his belief that a similar program passed by the Legislature this year will be struck down as well.

“During the oral argument they left a trail of bread crumbs.” — Deborah Sheasby, legal counsel for the Center for Arizona Policy, on comments by Supreme Court Justice Andrew Hurwitz and attorney Don Peters that school choice advocates say opened the door for the education savings accounts created by SB1553.

“You might call that a freshman mistake.” — Rep. Steve Urie, on his vote against
SB1365, which stopped the bill from passing with an emergency clause. Urie said he supported the bill, but promised a constituent that he would vote against it.

“I hope that we can just not have such a crazy session next year.” — Sen. Sylvia Allen, on the stress and fast pace of the 100-day session and how it meant that some issues with bills couldn’t be resolved before they passed.

‘Nothing is imminent.’ — House Speaker Andy Tobin, on the possibility of a special session this year.

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