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Capitol Quotes: June 10, 2011

“Nothing will persuade me to adopt a failed Keynesian Obama stimulus that is dragging the economy down.” — Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, on the unemployment insurance extension.

“This is like writing a letter to the editor in an extreme form. A lot of them don’t pan out… but they do have an intimidating effect.” — David Berman, a professor at ASU’s Morrison Institute, on Arizona’s oft-used but rarely successful recall provisions.

“We’ve got a funding cliff coming and we’ve got a truth cliff coming.” — Lisa Graham Keegan, former superintendent of public instruction, on the need for a 2012 ballot measure that would create new funding for schools after Proposition 100 expires in 2014.

“This morning I was in the mountains of North Carolina with no cell service. I mean I’m doing everything I can to get there.” — Senate Minority Leader Schapira, who was calling from Georgia, emphasizing the importance of the topic of the special session set for June 10. Schapira bought a
plane ticket back to Phoenix to catch the special session.

“I think it’s damn foolishness.” — Lobbyist and former Attorney General Jack LaSota, on a state law
allowing nonbinding recall elections against federal officials.

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