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Mecham recall petition was filed as soon as legally allowed

As Ed Buck demonstrated, you can get away with jumping the gun on a recall attempt if the official you’re targeting is going to help your cause.

Buck started advocating for Evan Mecham’s ouster almost as soon as he was inaugurated, and pulled a recall petition in July 1987, the moment the six-month waiting period for recalling a newly elected official ended.

There may not have been enough public support to recall Mecham when Buck first pulled the petitions, but it didn’t take long for that to change. Serious criminal allegations that surfaced later in the year, combined with Mecham’s constant gaffes and the lower-than-average support he had after winning a three-way gubernatorial race with just 40 percent of the vote, eventually built up the public support Buck needed to get enough signatures to put the controversial governor back on the ballot.

“He was Evan Mecham. I knew there was going to be more,” Buck said.

Buck was successful in forcing a recall election, but it was cancelled after Mecham’s impeachment and removal from office in April 1988.

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  1. If I “recall” some of the people behind Mecham’s recall themselves
    were currupt, and fell from grace. What goes around comes around.

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