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Lawmakers postpone meeting to discuss luring businesses from CA

In a meeting that was announced and canceled within the span of roughly three hours, lawmakers planned to push the message: Dear California businesses: Move to Arizona!

According to a statement released today, Rep. Tom Forese, R-Gilbert, and Sen. Steve Pierce, R-Prescott, along with “several legislators” were going to discuss California’s “nexus tax” and its potential consequences for businesses in California.

The meeting was going to be a pitch to try and poach businesses and jobs from California. The topic, according to the statement, was “Why employers should be wary of it and how they can lower their costs by moving to Arizona.”

“California and Arizona are on two different paths,” Forese said in the statement. “Arizona is cutting taxes, reducing regulations and creating jobs. California is raising taxes – now even on online sales – and increasing regulations. Our neighbors should know that while California might not want them, Arizona does.”

This year, California passed a law requiring that businesses that sell their goods through sites like Amazon.com pay sales tax on those online transactions, prompting Amazon and other online retailers like Overstock.com to threaten to cut ties with their California-based affiliates.

House GOP spokesman Paul Boyer sent a statement postponing the meeting due to “scheduling conflicts,” but added it would be rescheduled soon.

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