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Maricopa County GOP brass form IE to support Pearce

The top brass at the Maricopa County Republican Party today formed an independent expenditure committee to help Senate President Russell Pearce keep his seat in the recall election this November.

Rob Haney, chairman of the party’s executive committee, submitted the paperwork to the Secretary of State to open up the campaign group, “MaricopaGOP to elect Russell Pearce.”

It is the first of several organizations expected to form to try and sway voters for or against the Mesa Republican.

As an independent expenditure group, it can raise money and advocate for the sitting legislator or against his opponents so long as its activities are not coordinated with the incumbent’s campaign.

Calling the recall drive “liberal-Democrat inspired,” Haney said it is an attempt to subvert the will of voters in District 18, which elected Pearce to the Senate last year.

“It’s just another deceitful way of subverting our constitutional process and we don’t buy the deceit (or) whatever reasons they’re giving,” Haney said.

Organizers of the recall drive vigorously reject the notion that their effort subverts the electoral process, pointing out that the law allows for a recall election and it is the district voters — not outsiders — who had signed their names to call for the special election.

Recall supporters argue that while Pearce may appeal to the state’s right-wing, he’s espousing values that are too extreme for the state and his reign as Senate President exposed his limited agenda.

The special election is scheduled for Nov. 8.

Meanwhile, Pearce’s allies have challenged the recall petition, and that case is now pending in court.

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