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Arizona judge weighs allegation of Cortes’ sham candidacy

Olivia Cortes testifies Thursday in a court hearing to determine whether she is a "sham" candidate and should be removed from the ballot in the Nov. 8 election. (Photo by Jack Kurtz/The Arizona Republic)

A judge is weighing whether to block the candidacy of a Mesa woman running in the recall election of state Senate President Russell Pearce.

Judge Edward Burke of Maricopa County Superior Court said after a 5-hour hearing Thursday that he’ll rule by Monday on the challenge to Olivia, who denied she’s a sham candidate.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of a Pearce critic contends Cortes’ candidacy is a fraud orchestrated by Pearce supporters to dilute the vote against him in the Nov. 8 election.

Cortes said she’s running to win and wants to serve her community.

She described herself as a campaign novice and said she has relied on help from East Valley Tea Party Chairman Greg Western. He also said in his own testimony.

Ballots have been printed already.

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  1. Well, at least we know her “hair” is definitely a sham!

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