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Brewer going to watch Las Vegas debate

Jon Huntsman, former governor of Utah, watches during a commericial break at a presidential debate sponsored by Bloomberg and The Washington Post held at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, U.S., on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011. The event moderated by U.S. television talk show host Charlie Rose and featuring eight Republican candidates, presents the first debate of the 2012 political season focused solely on the economy. (Scott Eells/Bloomberg)

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is going to Las Vegas to check out the Republican presidential candidates’ debate Tuesday evening.

Brewer spokesman Matthew Benson says Brewer’s brief trip is at the invitation of CNN, a sponsor of the debate along with a Republican leadership group.

CNN also has agreed to televise a Dec. 1 debate to be held in Arizona for the Republican presidential candidates, and Benson says Brewer will be able to look behind the scenes at the Nevada event.

Benson says a specific location for the Arizona debate has not yet been chosen.

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  1. Who’s paying for this trip? Then there’s security to pay for. Brewhaha is going to VEGAS and the debate happens to be there.

  2. Good exercise for the Gov, pehaps she will learn how to talk coherently by watching others. Are taxpayers picking up the Sin City tab?

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