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Capitol Quotes: Oct. 21, 2011

“It has the potential of making the Legislature look like a bunch of idiots.” — Sen. Adam Driggs on the uncertainty of the path a special session to remove IRC Chair Colleen Mathis would take.

“There’s so many political ambitions that live within the ZIP codes of the proposed District 9 to make it a Class A political science experiment.” — Republican lobbyist Stan Barnes, on the opportunities opened up for Phoenix-area Democrats in the proposed 9th Congressional District.

“The Pearce campaign has lost its moral compass.” — Former Mesa City Councilman John Giles, who speaks for the Jerry Lewis campaign, in response to allegations that Lewis “stole” donated items intended for homeless kids.

“I know that everybody’s talking to see if there possibly could be one. But at this point in time I have no indication that there will be one.”
— Gov. Jan Brewer, on the possibility of a special session to remove Independent Redistricting Commission Chair Colleen Mathis.

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