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9th District Democrats

There are already a handful of Democrats eying the 9th Congressional District. Several Republican names are in the rumor mill as well, but no one yet is sure whether U.S. Rep. Ben Quayle will run in the district.

Andrei Cherny: The Arizona Democratic Party chairman and former Clinton White House staffer would be a formidable fundraiser. He raised $1 million for 2010 campaign for state treasurer, a huge amount for a down-ballot race, and the fundraising networks he’s built through his Washington, D.C. days and his short tenure as party chairman would serve him well. Cherny took over as chairman with a pledge to bring the party toward the center, but has taken a lot of very partisan positions as chairman. Cherny currently lives outside the district.

Fred DuVal: DuVal, a longtime Democratic stalwart who is chairman of the Arizona Board of Regents, served in President Clinton’s administration and ran for Congress in 2002. He also considered running for U.S. Senate earlier this year. DuVal will have to improve on his past campaign experience, when he finished fourth in a seven-way Democratic primary.

Neil Giuliano: The former Tempe mayor, who currently runs the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, has a deep base of support in his hometown. As the former president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, he has a nationwide network he can tap into and is expected to raise big money if he gets into the race. As a former Republican who switched sides a couple of years ago, he may face a lot of skepticism in the primary.

Jon Hulburd: If the Phoenix businessman wins the Democratic nomination, it could set up a rematch between him and Ben Quayle, only with far more favorable conditions than Hulburd faced last year. Hulburd has plenty of campaign trail experience after his 2010 run. He’s also a proven fundraiser who can tap into his own personal wealth if he needs to. Hulburd ran as a moderate in the overwhelmingly Republican 3rd Congressional District, and was practically the only Democrat in the state to support SB1070. But while that may be a boon in the general election, it might make things difficult in the primary.

David Schapira: The Senate minority leader sounds iffy on a possible congressional run due to the fact that he has a young child at home and another on the way. But word is he’s considering it. Schapira teaches at Arizona State University and his Tempe connections could be a boon if he runs.

Kyrsten Sinema: Sinema is probably the most prominent and well-known Democrat in the Legislature, and has spent a lot of time in Washington, D.C. over the past couple years. She’s known as a strong fundraiser and knows how to get publicity as well, both of which will be great assets in a congressional run. But though she has moved a little toward the political center during the past couple years, her past as a left-wing bomb-thrower will provide a lot of fodder for the Republican nominee if she wins her primary. Some Democrats worry that she’ll have a tough time winning a general election in a very centrist district.

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