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Tancredo’s widely touted pro-Pearce group raises $424

Senate President Russell Pearce (left) and former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo. (File photos)

Despite his national profile as an immigration hawk, former U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo raised a pretty dismal amount to defend Senate President Russell Pearce in his recall election.

The former Colorado congressman’s group, called Committee to Oppose Recall of Russell Pearce, raised a total of $424, which it donated to Pearce’s campaign, according to a Secretary of State filing today.

The formation of Tancredo’s group in July was widely reported in the state.

It also reinforced the sentiment that Pearce’s fight against the recall is part of a larger narrative in the battle to curb illegal immigration.

But if Tancredo hasn’t been as active in raising cash to help Pearce keep his seat, he at last attended a rally organized by Pearce’s supporters this month.

In a speech, Tancredo said what’s at stake is nothing less than maintaining the American way of life.

“It’s not just one seat here in this state. It is a much bigger picture,” he said.

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