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Brewer will wade into 2012 races with new federal PAC

JAN PAC website screenshot

Gov. Jan Brewer may not be running for anything in 2012, but she plans to make her presence felt on the campaign trail with a new federal PAC.

The governor registered her political action committee, Jan PAC, with the Federal Election Commission last month.

Brewer will use Jan PAC to support candidates who share the governor’s views on illegal immigration, border security, President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, conservative economic policies and reducing the size of government, said Paul Senseman, a spokesman for the PAC.

“It was established after a number of people from literally all over the country suggested to her in her travels that she ought to consider doing something like this,” said Senseman, a lobbyist with the firm Policy Development Group who served as Brewer’s communications director for two years.

Former U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters, who co-chaired Brewer’s 2010 campaign, is chairing the PAC.

Brewer announced the creation of the PAC on her Facebook page on Monday. In a comment about her speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., Brewer said she formed the PAC to support the ideals that Reagan spoke about in his 1984 campaign when he said the choice between him and his opponent was a choice between “two different visions of the future, two fundamentally different ways of governing.”

“Will you please visit www.janpac.com and make a $5 contribution (or more) and stand with Jan PAC over the battle to secure the border and fight for the rule of law?” Brewer wrote.

Senseman said the PAC has not done much fundraising yet. Brewer has not yet decided which candidates she will support, nor has she decided whether she will use the PAC for GOP primary races or any federal races in Arizona, he said.

Donors who give at least $100 to Jan PAC by Nov. 15 will receive a free signed copy of Brewer’s book, “Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media and Cynical Politicos to Secure America’s Border,” which is prominently featured on the PAC’s website.

The PAC is the latest example of Brewer’s expanding influence on the national scene. The governor, who became synonymous with illegal immigration and border security after signing SB1070 in April 2010, has become a sought-after speaker at out-of-state events, a prized endorsement for out-of-state candidates and a regular fixture on cable news shows.

Brewer also convinced the Republican National Committee to sanction a GOP presidential debate in Arizona on Nov. 30. She has not endorsed a presidential candidate yet and said she will wait until after the debate.

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