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Capitol Quotes: Nov. 18, 2011

“Without an order from the court restoring Colleen Mathis to her … rightful position, the Independent Redistricting Commission becomes a joke, a laughable joke.” — Attorney Thomas Zlaket arguing to the Arizona Supreme Court on why Mathis should be reinstated as IRC chairwoman.

“There is a purpose for the constitutional provision of recall: it is to cure extremism and abandonment of your constituency. An open election, without a primary, helps bring the process back to the middle – back to the citizens that should have been represented.” — W. Dea Montague, co-chairman of the Jerry Lewis campaign, on the recall process.

“To me, this is her seat. Gabby isn’t just our congresswoman. She’s our family. Politics really isn’t worth stabbing your family in the back.” — Rep. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, on why no Democrats are publicly maneuvering themselves into position for a congressional run in the event that Giffords doesn’t seek reelection.

“I’ve only raised six mission dollars. So if they want to pit their one dollar against me, go for it.” — Sheriff Arpaio on the possibility of being targeted by the group that initiated the Pearce recall.

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